The Affair

So it seems I'm having an affair...with my fridge. Don't laugh, I know a lot of you reading this are in the same boat. This Damn Covid. Am I right? The fridge beckons to you like 4082 times a day to come and randomly sample a little something, and I'm talking random somethings. I'm not even looking for something to cook anymore. I don't know exactly when this affair started, like I said before, I do love food, but I'm not even hungry. Just bored. It's not a filling meal, or even a snack at this point, It's a single olive, or a mouthful of cheez whiz. I even offer a single olive to whomever is in the room with me (they must think I'm going crazy). WTeff is happening to me? When did I forget that I'm a cook and start becoming such an I don' know? Weirdo? I even took to repainting a bathroom, reading several books, online shopping & gaming to stave off the seductions of this hulking stainless body. I really need to go back to work, as I think some of you are, and break up with my fridge! Who else needs to break up with their fridge? Maybe I am going crazy, and now I want olives. So bye for now! Stay safe everyone! xx

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