The Chaos begins...

Let me take a moment to introduce us, the owners of Angi's Chaos Kitchen. I'm Angi, resident Blogger & Cook. (Geoff cooks too, just not on the daily). This is my first shot at blogging, and I reallllly hope that I'm a wayyy better cook than I am blogger, and website

Anyhow, back to the intros, I'm Angi, co-owner of Chaos Kitchen. We opened in January 2020, and while we are still filling catering orders, we've been physically closed since mid March due to the Covid 19 (as everyone else is).

So I love food, like absolutely in. love. with. food. I even dream about food & what the next thing I'm going to eat or cook is. I know right? Well, I run the day to day aspects of the business, the cooking, the cleaning, the menu design, the chit chatting with patrons, yep, that's me.

I couldn't tell you what my favorite food actually is, because that changes daily, actually no, every meal it changes. That's where the creative comes in. Haha!

So then there's my co-owner Geoff. He's also my boyfriend, and man can he cook! Give him a recipe, then sit back and enjoy the deliciousness he creates. He also smokes some mean meat & does all of my baking for the restaurant, as I am officially banned from baking...more on those brownies later.

The name came as we were actually looking for a food truck while I was off injured...I'm a tad clumsy...apparently everywhere I go is a little "chaotic"...I should be angry that people think of me as choas, but I'm not, and it works so far. Now had I listened to my gamer kids, Anthony (14) & Michael (10) the restaurant would have been named either "The Purple Dino" or "The Isolation Chamber", I should really check out these games they are playing.

So we wanted, well I wanted, to open a food truck, but the laws here are a tad different than say a bigger city like Hamilton or Toronto. So unless I was able to find an open spot at local festivals, food truck nights, wineries etc, or have a spot to park it and stay stationary, I'd essentially not really be working very often as with 2 kids I can't just take off in my truck and explore new locales. So we happened to stumble upon our current location in the Pelham Medical Building by accident, and the deal was done quick & simple with help from my fantabulous lawyer sister, Lana.

Now we are the owners of a café/restaurant. It's the perfect little spot for my catering & some day to day cooking.

So back to those brownies and being banned from baking. Lol. In this instance, I was kind of lacking in some ingredients but my head was set on baking these brownies, so naturally being a cook and all, I improvised and subbed in some ingredients, doubled up on baking soda because I had no baking powder, I ran out of butter so I didn't grease the pan, used coconut sugar instead of the regular stuff. Needless to say, they didn't rise, were as hard as a hockey puck & a little, or a lot salty I'd imagine from the double baking soda, although I don't know for sure because they were inedible AND we had to throw out the pan. I wish I could say this was a one off, but sadly it's not. I know that while baking you need to follow the recipe, like I KNOW THIS, but every. single. time. I "improvise". Oh well, we'll leave the baking to Geoff.

Well that's a bit of our story & how we came to be CHAOS. I hope you enjoyed my first post, I will be back soon... after I figure out my website.

<3 Angi

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